fitness equipment: The ultimate static fitness gym

AKTIV is South Africa’s first static fitness equipment and manufacturers.

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AKTIV is a modern design high quality static fitness gym. We use the best quality components to give you the ultimate outdoor training experience. Our range includes a variety of exercises to train different muscles. AKTIV stations are designed to meet the physical needs of any individual or group. Our main focus is to promote fitness and encourage people to become more AKTIV. All our products are designed and manufactured in South Africa.

We target all ages, from elementary school children to senior citizens. Our range is perfect for all area, schools, recreational parks and fitness trails.

We offer an environment that is focused on physical fitness, health and vitality. Adjust “your programme” so that each station remains a challenge.

Amazing Features

Quality Built

We have a range of fitness gyms fitness range of which are powder-coated, galvanized steel. It is CCA H3 Treated Pine Timber which is coated with Woodoc Varnish for an excellent finish that will prolong the lifespan of the timber.

Fun & Creative

Each station is a challenge on its own, so put yourself to the test and challenge your inner body strength to do more each time!


That’s not all, our fitness range are made to last, giving you peace of mind that the range will give you years of fun, health and fitness!


This makes our range fitness range unique and open the oppportunity to add extra fitness ranges at a later stage.


AKTIV is a static fitness brand as there are no moving parts which makes it safer to use.


Providing long-term structural stability and a high level of safety.